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Описание - Nux Mighty 30 Digital Amplifier
Nux Mighty 30 Digital Amplifier
129 EUR

Описание - FLIGHT FTC-77 Chromatic Clip On Tuner
FLIGHT FTC-77 Chromatic Clip On Tuner
15 EUR

FLIGHT TC-5N Wrist bells

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FLIGHT TC-5N - Bracelet with five bells for the arm or ankle, different colors

Make music with the shake of a wrist or the twist of an ankle. The Wrist Bells create  a sound that's loud, clear and merry. Kids will love wearing and  playing with these wonderfully toned bells.

  • Wrist Bells for wrists or ankle,
  • 5 bells on nylon strap,
  • velcro,
  • length 25 cm,
  • colours assorted.

Ages 3 years and older.

FLIGHT TC-5N браслет с 5 бубенцами на руку или лодыжку, разные цвета в ассортименте

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