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Описание - Nux Mighty 30 Digital Amplifier
Nux Mighty 30 Digital Amplifier
129 EUR

Описание - FLIGHT FTC-77 Chromatic Clip On Tuner
FLIGHT FTC-77 Chromatic Clip On Tuner
15 EUR

FLIGHT TC-6C - Ratchet

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FLIGHT TC-6C - Ratchet, wooden

ratchet is an orchestral musical instrument played by percussionists. Operating on the principle of the ratchet device,  a gearwheel and a stiff board is mounted on a handle, which can be  freely rotated. The handle is held and the whole mechanism is swung  around, the momentum causing the board to click against the gearwheel,  making a clicking and rattling noise.

This model made of wood

Colour: red

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