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Описание - Nux Mighty 30 Digital Amplifier
Nux Mighty 30 Digital Amplifier
129 EUR

Описание - FLIGHT FTC-77 Chromatic Clip On Tuner
FLIGHT FTC-77 Chromatic Clip On Tuner
15 EUR

Nux Mighty 30 Digital Amplifier

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Nux Mighty 30 Digital Amplifier, Black

MIGHTY-30 is a 30 Watt digital guitar amplifier that will give you the sound you are looking for! The MIGHTY-30X exhibits amazing guitar amp and quality EFX sounds due to a 32bit DSP, 44.1KHz/24bit AD/DA converters and our TS/AC (True Simulation of Analog Circuit) technology. Functions such as a built-in tuner, MP3/CD & PEDAL jack, Headphones/MIXER outputs help make your practice and show perfect!
A 10 inch custom speaker and 30 Watts of power create a very powerful amplifier that's portable enough for your studio, yet loud enough to jam on stage.



  • Cutting edge tube clipping simulation algorithm.
  • Three band vintage style EQ give response of tube guitar amp.
  • Four modulation effects including chorus, flanger, phaser & tremolo.
  • Delay and reverb effects can be used with modulation effects simultaneously.
  • Store up to four presets .
  • Built-in tuner with 7-segment LED display.
  • Dual guitar inputs for vintage and hot guitar pickups.
  • MP3/CD input allows jamming with an external music-playback device (mp3 player, etc.)
  • Headphones/Mixer output.
What is TS/AC?
The full name is True Simulation of Analog Circuits. This technology was developed to accurately emulate the way an all tube amplifier interacts with a loudspeaker. Generally speaking, musicians are not happy about the simulation sounds coming out of even a professional analog simulator. The reason is that real analog equipment has greater dynamic range. That’s what is often called “feel”.
TS/AC technology is mainly used in the simulation of nonlinear circuit algorithms. All NU-X effects pedals and amps use this technology.

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